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Fungal Nails Specialist & Treatment

Manhattan Podiatry Associates, P.C.

Podiatrists located in Midtown & Downtown, New York, NY

For the care and evaluation of fungal toenails, patients in and around New York, NY can receive proven treatments at Manhattan Podiatry Associates. Our doctors provide patients with effective laser toenail treatment to rid them of the fungus. Treatments can be received at the Midtown East and Midtown West offices.

Laser Toenail Treatment Q & A




What are Fungal Toenails?

Fungal toenails, a condition known as onychomycosis, describes the presence of a fungal infection in a person’s toenails. The fungus, typically trichophyton, develops because the toenails have been in moist or wet environments such as a communal shower and did not receive proper care. Athletes can be more prone to developing fungal toenails because their feet are continuously kept in tight, sweaty running shoes. Those with a reduced immune system are also more prone to developing toenail fungal infections.

What Types of Fungal Toenail Infections Are There?

There are three types of fungal nail infections:

  • An infection which progresses from the nail’s end to the base is known as a distal subungal onychomycosis infection and is the most common. This traditionally develops in the toenails.
  • When the infection progresses from the base of the nail, toe or finger, and moves downward toward the nail end it is known as a proximal subungal onychomycosis. This is rarer. A person with a suppressed immune system will be much more likely to develop this form of the infection.
  • An infection connected with the yeast candida is called yeast onychomycosis. This is usually found on the fingernails. The nails can yellow or turn white or brown or thicken.

How Are Fungal Toenails Treated?

At the practice, laser toenail treatment is used for severe cases of fungal toenail infection. Laser treatments have proven to be more effective than topical medications and can clear the infection without harming healing tissue. The light from the laser is emitted on a specific wavelength which passes into the skin and destroys the infection. The healthy tissue is not affected by the same wavelength. This is because the pigment in the fungi absorb the light. The sessions are about 20 minutes long and some patients may require more than one application. Results should be seen as the nail grows and reveals healthy tissue.



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